Why Put a Crayon In Your Wallet When Traveling

Why Put a Crayon In Your Wallet When Traveling

Traveling can be an exciting and enriching experience, full of unique opportunities to see new places, meet different people, and create unforgettable memories. In this article, we unravel the intriguing reasons ‘Why You Should Carry a Crayon in Your Wallet When Traveling

Yet, it’s essential to remember that the unpredictable nature of travel means you must be ready for a wide array of situations. So, what’s one item that could prove invaluable in these scenarios? A crayon. But why?


Why You Should Put a Crayon in Your Wallet When Traveling?


You should put a crayon in your wallet when traveling because it serves multiple practical uses and provides an element of comfort and familiarity. Here are a few reasons:

  • Emergency Light Source: A crayon can act as a makeshift candle, providing light in case of power outages or emergencies.
  • Communication Tool: It can be used to jot down important information, draw maps, or signal for help, especially when other means of communication aren’t available.
  • Durable and Portable: Crayons are robust and resilient to varying weather conditions, making them an ideal travel companion. Their compact size allows easy storage in a wallet.
  • Universal Tool for Entertainment: A crayon can be a source of entertainment, especially when traveling with children. It can help keep them engaged during long journeys.
  • Symbol of Resilience: On a philosophical note, carrying a crayon serves as a constant reminder of resilience and adaptability, traits essential for any traveler.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Unlike many disposable items, a crayon is a more sustainable choice, as it’s mostly made of wax and doesn’t contribute to plastic waste.


Given these reasons, it makes perfect sense to add a crayon to your travel checklist. It’s a small addition that can make a big difference.


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The Importance of Preparation for Travel


Proper travel preparation involves more than just booking flights, reserving accommodations, and packing clothes. It also requires anticipating potential issues and equipping oneself with essential tools that could prove useful in unexpected circumstances.

According to The Wise Traveller, preparedness is key to successful travel.


The Unexpected Situations During Travel


Common Travel Challenges


From flight delays and language barriers to lost luggage, numerous issues could arise when you travel. More unique challenges might include needing to jot down crucial information when your phone battery dies or leaving a temporary mark to avoid getting lost in a new environment.


Coping Mechanisms for Travel Issues


Developing practical coping strategies is vital for the savvy traveler. This involves having versatile, multi-purpose tools at your disposal that are easy to transport, durable, and usable in many scenarios. Cue the humble crayon.


The Role of a Crayon in Travel


The Multipurpose Nature of Crayons


Crayons, though often associated primarily with children’s play, can serve many practical uses during your travels.


Writing and Drawing


Crayons are perfect for writing and drawing. This capability could be useful when needing to jot down quick notes or directions, particularly if your usual digital devices are out of commission.


Emergency Light Source


Interestingly, a crayon can also function as an emergency light source. If you find yourself in a low-light situation without any conventional light source, a crayon can burn for about 30 minutes, providing you with some much-needed illumination.


The Durability of Crayons


Apart from their multipurpose nature, crayons are incredibly durable.


Temperature Resilience


Unlike pens that can leak ink in extreme temperatures, crayons are resilient and can withstand a wide range of temperatures, making them an ideal travel companion.


Resistance to Breakage

Crayons are also more resistant to breakage compared to pencils. Even if a crayon does break, each piece remains entirely usable, which is not the case with a broken pencil or pen.


Practical Applications of a Crayon


Knowing the potential uses of a crayon can help you understand why it should be a staple in your travel kit.


Use as a Quick Note-Taking Tool


When you need to jot down directions or important information quickly, a crayon can be an excellent tool. As Real Simple suggests, you never know when you’ll need to scribble something down in a pinch.


Making Temporary Marks and Signs


Suppose you’re trekking in an unfamiliar area and want to mark your route to avoid getting lost. A crayon can be used to make temporary marks or signs on different surfaces, from tree trunks to rocks.


Leaving Messages


In an emergency, you could also use a crayon to write a message on a piece of paper or even directly onto a wall or pavement.


Use as an Emergency Candle


If you’re stuck in a dark place without a flashlight, a crayon can come to the rescue.


How to Use a Crayon as a Candle


Here’s a simple guide from ThoughtCo on how to use a crayon as a candle: First, remove the paper covering the crayon. Then, hold the crayon upright, light the top with a lighter or match, and let it burn. Be careful not to hold the crayon in your hand as it burns.


Safety Precautions When Using Crayons as Candles


As with any open flame, ensure you use it in a safe environment away from flammable materials. Also, never leave a burning crayon unattended.


Real-life Experiences


While it may seem strange to carry a crayon when traveling, many people have found it to be an unexpectedly useful tool.


Travelers Who Found Crayons Helpful


There are various online forums and blogs where travelers share their experiences of using crayons in unexpected ways during their travels.


How Crayons Saved the Day


From being used as an emergency candle during a power outage to leaving crucial messages for rescue teams, crayons have indeed played a significant role in various travel scenarios.


Making It a Habit


Now that you understand the various ways a crayon can be helpful while traveling, it’s time to consider making it a regular addition to your travel kit.


The Wallet – The Perfect Storage Spot for Your Crayon


A crayon’s size makes it incredibly portable, and your wallet can serve as a protective case.


Crayon Size and Portability


Due to their small size, crayons can be easily slipped into a wallet or pocket without taking up much space.


Protection from External Factors


A wallet protects the crayon from heat and moisture, thus preserving its longevity and effectiveness.


Beyond the Crayon


While a crayon can be an unexpected yet handy travel tool, it’s crucial to carry other essential items when traveling.


Other Essential Items to Carry When Traveling


Apart from a crayon, a traveler should also have items like a small flashlight, a portable charger, a penknife, and a whistle. ToSomePlaceNew provides a comprehensive list of essential items for any traveler.


Backup Options for Essential Travel Tools


Though a crayon can serve as an emergency light source, a small, portable flashlight remains a more dependable option. Similarly, while you can use a crayon to write notes, it’s also wise to carry a pen or pencil.


Crayons and Survival Situations


During survival situations, tools that may seem trivial in daily life can become unexpectedly handy. Crayons can fall under this category. As unlikely as it may sound, a crayon can make the difference between life and death in extreme conditions.


Signaling for Help


If you’re lost in an unknown area or stuck in a crisis, a crayon can be used to draw attention or signal for help. Brightly colored crayon marks can be highly visible, acting as an excellent beacon for rescuers.


Documenting the Journey


In survival scenarios, keeping a record of events can be critical. Documenting days, events, or conditions could prove crucial when remembering vital details or explaining circumstances to rescuers. With their ability to write on various surfaces, crayons can be an indispensable tool in such situations.


Crayons in Different Cultures


These are not merely objects of utility; they also hold cultural and historical significance that can help you connect with the local population in your travels.


Crayons and Local Art


In many cultures, crayon art holds a special place. As an example, wax crayon batik art is a popular technique in Indonesia. Having a crayon on hand can be a starting point to engage with locals about their art and traditions.


Crayons as Gifts


A pack of crayons can serve as a simple yet meaningful gift, especially in places where art supplies are not readily accessible. If you are traveling to rural areas or visiting schools, crayons can be a thoughtful way to connect and give back to the community.


Crayons and Eco-Friendliness


As global citizens, we should consider the environmental impact of the products we use. Here, again, crayons have an edge.


Reducing Plastic Waste


Unlike plastic pens, crayons are made mostly from wax and are therefore more eco-friendly. By choosing crayons over plastic pens, we contribute to reducing plastic waste.


Creating Less Noise Pollution


Crayons create no noise when used, unlike some ball pens which create a clicking sound. While this might seem like a minor detail, reducing noise pollution contributes to a more peaceful environment, especially in public places.


The Crayon: A Symbol of Simplicity and Resilience


On a more philosophical note, carrying a crayon can serve as a symbol of simplicity and resilience.


A Reminder of Simplicity


In our fast-paced world where technology rules, a crayon can be a reminder of the simpler times. It’s a tool that doesn’t require charging or special equipment to function.


A Symbol of Resilience


A crayon can also symbolize resilience. Despite being stepped on or broken, a crayon continues to function just as efficiently, reminding us to remain resilient in the face of adversity.


An Ode to the Crayon


Let’s take a moment to appreciate this often-overlooked tool. Whether we realize it or not, the humble crayon holds a special place in our hearts.


Crayons and Childhood Memories


For many of us, crayons were an integral part of our childhood. They were our first introduction to the world of art and creativity. Thus, carrying a crayon can evoke feelings of nostalgia and comfort.


Crayons and Creativity


Crayons inspire creativity. Whether you’re doodling on a napkin or creating a masterpiece, a crayon encourages you to unleash your imagination and think outside the box.


Crayons and Inclusivity


One of the beautiful things about crayons is their inclusivity. They are simple to use and accessible to everyone, regardless of age or skill level. Whether you’re a professional artist or a novice, a crayon is a tool that invites you to express yourself.


Crayons and Self-Expression


A crayon is more than just a tool for writing or drawing; it’s a medium for self-expression. The colors you choose, the pressure you apply, and the lines you draw all tell a story about you.


Crayons: A Testament to Human Innovation


The humble crayon, with its myriad uses and applications, stands as a testament to human innovation and resourcefulness.


Crayons: Born from Ingenuity


The story of the crayon is one of ingenuity. Created to be a tool for creativity and learning, it has evolved over the years to become a tool that can aid in survival, communication, and even social interaction.


Crayons and Problem-Solving


The ability to use a simple object like a crayon in numerous innovative ways speaks to our innate problem-solving abilities. Whether we’re using it as a candle in an emergency, a tool for communication, or even a social icebreaker, we’re showcasing our capacity to adapt and make the most of our resources.


Exploring with Crayons: A New Perspective


When you travel with a crayon tucked into your wallet, you’re not just carrying a functional tool. You’re also carrying a new perspective and a potential source of inspiration.


Seeing the World Through Color


Travel is all about exploring new environments, immersing oneself in different cultures, and collecting vibrant memories. And what better way to add color to these memories than by sketching your experiences or jotting down your thoughts with a crayon?


Connecting with Local Communities


A crayon can also act as a bridge, connecting you with local communities. You can participate in local art projects, donate crayons to schools, or simply engage in drawing activities with local children. This simple tool can thus enrich your travel experience by fostering connections and creating memorable interactions.


Crayons: A Global Companion


Wherever in the world you choose to travel, a crayon can be your constant companion, providing both practical solutions and cherished moments.


Crayons in Different Climates


Whether you find yourself in the humid tropics or the freezing Arctic, a crayon remains unaffected. Unlike ink pens, which can dry up in heat or freeze in cold weather, crayons can withstand a range of environmental conditions, making them an ideal global companion.


Overcoming Language Barriers


In situations where language becomes a barrier, drawings can communicate universally. A crayon allows you to sketch ideas, directions, or requests, thus aiding in non-verbal communication.




Traveling is a rewarding but unpredictable experience. As such, it’s crucial to be prepared for all possible scenarios.

Carrying a crayon in your wallet, although it might seem unusual, is a simple, easy, and efficient way to do this. With its multiple uses and durability, a crayon can indeed be a lifesaver during your travels.

So next time you’re packing for a trip, remember to slip a crayon into your wallet. Who knows, it could be the most important item you pack.




Q: Why should I put a crayon in my wallet when traveling?

A: A crayon can be a handy tool when traveling due to its multiple uses. It can be used to jot down important information, mark routes, signal for help, or even act as an emergency light source.

Q:  Can a crayon really burn like a candle?

A: Yes, a crayon can burn for about 30 minutes, providing a temporary light source in emergencies.

Q: Is a crayon durable enough for travel?

A: Crayons are highly durable. They can withstand a wide range of temperatures and are resistant to breakage.

Q: Where should I keep a crayon when traveling?

A: The wallet serves as an ideal storage spot for your crayon. It protects the crayon from external factors and ensures it’s always within easy reach.

Q: Are there other unconventional items that are useful for traveling?

A: Yes, items like a bandana, a penknife, and even duct tape can serve multiple uses and are handy in unpredictable travel situations.


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